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Advertising Solutions

Dwell reaches over 3.5 million consumers and trade professionals across multiple platforms including print, digital, and through in-person events. We work hard to to be able to engage with our niche audience on multiple fronts so that Dwell would be regarded

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Media Kit

Just how can your brand benefit from advertising on Dwell or through one of Dwell’s properties? Great question!  But the answer lies in our media guide. Dwell Media 2014 Media Kit.   In the 2014 Dwell Media Kit, you will

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The Dwell Insights Group (DIG) is an independent market research division of Dwell Media and is committed to researching the preferences, behaviors, and interests of “new affluents.” The Dwell Insights Group identifies, tracks, and contextualizes emerging trends and shifts in consumer

Dwell Media

Dwell Media has been a champion and purveyor of good design for over 14 years. Our strength is in identifying and exploring design concepts that are idea-driven, modern, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings. Our success lies with helping our community foster their own understanding of design principles and how it can transform lives. Through a rapidly expanding offering of media platforms, Dwell inspires its community with smart and thoughtful ideas for modern living.

Dwell Media serves a community of Design Seekers, savvy consumers and professionals passionate about design and purposeful in their pursuit of it. They put their trust in Dwell to show them the path.

From the Founder

The mission of Dwell Media is to illustrate how innovative design is vital to our culture, and can provide a unique sense of authenticity, beauty, and fulfillment to our lives. Design is a philosophy that can be individually interpreted to better one’s connection to the world."

Lara Deam Dwell Media Founder

Our Clients

For fourteen years, we've helped hundreds of modern brands become successful with connecting with our design-conscious audience. Brands like Cadillac, Raydoor, GE Monogram, Blu Homes, and many, many more have found success through Dwell Media.